Chelated Mineral Supplement

New Generation of Honeybee Feed Supplement

Bonzabee is a honey bee chelated mineral feed supplement manufactured using Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company’s “advanced Chelate Compounds technology,” and like all products manufactured using this technology, it has the feature of metabolism optimizer (balancing metabolism).


Bonzabee Composition
ppm in chelated form

متابولیسم اپتیمایزری بن زا بی
مخصوص زنبور عسل


Increase in queen’s egg laying and brood rearing
Higher longevity & increase in population
Stimulate foraging behavior and increase nectar collection
Increase in quantity and improvement in the quality of honey
Increase resistance to diseases and pests
Increase resistance to environmental stresses (cold, etc.)
Reduction in mortality rate as a result of health improvement
Reduced need for medications & antibiotics
Increase in other beehive products (royal gel, wax, etc.)

Depending on the needs of the beehive, the apiary conditions, the breed, the time of usage, the duration of use, weather conditions, etc., the use of Bonzabee will result in at least one of the above results and the profitability of this product.


  • Bonzabee® supplement is an additive that can be mixed with sugar patties/ pollen patties, dissolved in syrup or sprayed on hive frames.
  • It is essential to use the recommended doses of Bonzabee supplement precisely to obtain optimum results.


Bonzabee Consumption Dose
Syrup1g/hive up to 10 frames | Add 1g more per each body
Sugar Patty / Pollen Patty5 to 7 g/kg
Bonzabee Consumption Dose According to Syrup Feeding Frequency (g/day)
Syrup Feeding FrequencyPer Each Hive (up to 10 Frames)Per Each Body
Three Times a Week22
Once / Twice a Week33

Instruction Key Points

  • It is not a problem to use vitamins, probiotics, and other supplements along with Bonzabee.

Financial Justification

The use of Bonzabee supplement in beekeeping increases honey production, improves the immune system and increases the population, increases efficiency, and reduces side costs. Considering the significant effects of Bonzabee supplement on improving the metabolism, performance, and health of bees, as well as its cost-effectiveness, the profitability of this supplement is such that by simply calculating the profit from the increase in honey production (without taking into account other effects of Bonzabee) The beekeeper will have the benefit several times more than the cost spent on buying this supplement.