Chelated Mineral Supplement
New Generation of Ornamental Birds Feed Supplements

Bonzachicko is an ornamental birds chelated mineral feed supplement manufactured using Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company’s “advanced Chelate Compounds technology,” and like all products manufactured using this technology, it has the feature of metabolism optimizer (balancing metabolism). Consuming this supplement increases growth rate, resistance to disease and environmental stress, quality, and color of feathers, strengthens sound, increases reproductive abilities, and overall significantly improves metabolism and increases longevity.

مکمل بن زا چیکو


Bonzachicko Supplement Composition for Birds Lighter than 1000g
(mg/ml) in chelated form
Bonzachicko Supplement Composition for Birds Heavier than 1000g
(mg/ml) in chelated form


Increase growth rate.
Improve the quality and color of feathers
Resistant to disease and environmental stresses
Sound strengthen
Increases reproductive abilities

Depending on the physiological conditions and needs of the bird, breed, rearing conditions, time of consumption and its duration, environmental conditions, etc., the use of Bonzachicko will result in at least one of the above results and the profitability of this product.


Key Points

Shake the bottle before using Bonzachicko supplement.

Bonzachicko supplement should be dissolved in water.

Bonzachicko supplement must be used every other day.

Bird’s Weight (g)


Under 100

3 times a week – 1 drop per serving


3 times a week – 3 drops per serving


3 times a week – 6 drops per serving

Bird’s Weight (g)



3 times a week – 2 drops per serving


3 times a week – 6 drops per serving


3 times a week – 12 drops per serving

Over 10000

3 times a week – 18 drops per serving


Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with Bonzachicko supplement in diets.

Financial Justification

The use of the Bonzachicko supplement increases the growth, health, longevity, and reproductive abilities of ornamental birds. Considering the small consumption of this supplement and its beneficial effects on the bird’s metabolism, by using Bonzachicko, the need for many types of side supplements as well as medications and antibiotics is reduced, and while having a fresh and healthy bird, maintenance costs are reduced.