Chelated Mineral Supplement
New Generation of Aquaculture Feed Supplements

Bonzafish is a forerunner of Bonza aquaculture chelated mineral feed supplement for farmed fish, specifically warm water fish, cold water fish, sturgeon and marine fish manufactured using Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company’s “advanced Chelate Compounds technology,” and like all products manufactured using this technology, it has the feature of metabolism optimizer (balancing metabolism).


ppm in chelated form


Mortality decrease, especially in larva phase
Growth rate & feed conversion ratio improvement
Feed efficiency improvement (reduction in waste and pool contamination)
Boosting immune system function & health
Reduced need for medications & antibiotics
Improvement in anti-oxidative property
Increased resistance to environmental stresses and farming mismanagement
Fertility improvement of broodfish
Reduction in rearing period and maintenance costs
Efficiency improvement

Depending on the nutritional needs, size, genetics, line and breed, breeding system, duration of consumption, environmental conditions, etc., the use of Bonzafish will result in at least one of the above results and the profitability of this product.


  • Bonzafish supplement, containing 8 important micronutrients in chelated form, is added to feed as an additive (on top); then, there is no need to change the diet, including any increase, decrease or alteration in feed ingredients or other routine mineral-based supplements.
  • Powder form of Bonzafish supplement is manufactured for aquaculture feed factories and can be mixed with feed. This supplement is resistant to temperature in pellet making or extrusion processes. If you want to use powder Bonzafish in fish farms, mix this supplement with feed after dissolving in water or spray on feed after filtration.
  • Liquid Bonzafish supplement is manufactured for fish farms. If you want to use liquid Bonzafish in fish farms, mix/spray this supplement with/on feed after dissolving in water.
  • It is essential to follow the consumption dose precisely to obtain desired results.


Powder Form

Factories: Mix 500g of powder Bonzafish supplement with one metric ton of feed (in pellet, extrude or granule form).

Farms: Dissolve 10g of powder Bonzafish supplement in at least 100ml of water and then mix/spray it with/on 10kg of feed. When the feed becomes dry, spray fish oil or a type of vegetable oil (soy, sunflower, etc.) on the feed to make sure the supplement sticks to the feed.

Liquid Form

In farm, mix 10ml of liquid Bonzafish supplement with at least 100ml of water and then spray/mix it on/with 10kg of feed. When the feed becomes dry, spray fish oil or a type of vegetable oil (soy, sunflower, etc.) on the feed to make sure the supplement sticks to the feed.

It is recommended to add 13g of powder Bonzafish and/or 13ml of Liquid Bonzafish in every 10 kg of feed under stress conditions on farms.


Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with Bonzafish supplement in diets.

Financial Justification

The use of Bonzafish supplement increases the weight of fish by at least 5%, reduces the incidence of diseases and mortalities, reduces the need for medications and antibiotics, and overall increases production efficiency and reduces side costs. Considering the significant effects of Bonzafish supplement on improving the metabolism, performance and health of fish, as well as its cost-effectiveness, the profitability of this supplement is such that only by considering the profit of increase in fish weight (without considering other effects of Bonzafish such as reducing the need for medications and antibiotics, increasing feed efficiency, etc.) the breeder will have benefit several times more than the cost spent on purchasing this supplement.