Chelated Mineral Supplement
New Generation of Equine Feed Supplements

Bonzahorse is a horse chelated mineral feed supplement manufactured using Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company’s “advanced Chelate Compounds technology,” and like all products manufactured using this technology, it has the feature of metabolism optimizer (balancing metabolism).


Bonzahorse Composition

ppm in chelated form


Improvement in the growth & bone development of foals
Reduction in the incidence of diseases
Reduced need for medications & antibiotics
Increased resistance to environmental stresses
Improvement in nimbleness & endurance
Improvement in the frame & beauty of horses
Improvement in the fertility indices of mares & stallions

Depending on the physiological conditions and needs of the horse, breed, breeding conditions, season, time of consumption and its duration, environmental conditions, etc., the use of Bonzahorse will result in at least one of the above results and the profitability of this product.


Bonzahorse supplement is an additive that can be added to feed according to the table of instruction. Doing so, there is no need to change the ingredients of the diet or other common mineral-based supplements. This supplement should be mixed with feed / concentrate or dissolved in water / milk in one meal once a day according the body weight. It is essential to wet the feed slightly before mixing it with the supplement, so it sticks to the feed and is not wasted. This supplement can be easily dissolved in water, but this method is not recommended as the supplement is largely wasted this way (unless a syringe is used).

Daily Consumption Dose per Horse as an Additive (On Top)
Body Weight (kg)Dose (g)Body Weight (kg)Dose (g)
Under 701350-4004.5
For low-performance heavy horses, the consumption dose is reduced by about 50%.


Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with Bonzahorse supplement in diets.

Financial Justification

By using the Bonzahorse supplement, the speed of growth, ossification, and endurance of the horse is increased, and the need for medications and antibiotics is reduced. Many problems and disorders of reproduction and fertility of mares and foals are controlled by taking this supplement. Therefore, by taking only one chelate supplement, while increasing productivity, medications and treatment costs, and damages are prevented. Meanwhile, the consumption of this supplement for an adult horse is a maximum of 7 grams per day, and therefore its 1 kg package is enough to consume at least 150 days (5 months) of an adult horse, which is very economical.