Chelated Mineral Supplement
New Generation of Companion Animals Feed Supplements

Bonzapet is a companion animal chelated mineral feed supplement for dog and cat manufactured using Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company’s “advanced Chelate Compounds technology,” and like all products manufactured using this technology, it has the feature of metabolism optimizer (balancing metabolism).


ppm in chelated form
طریقه مصرف بن‌زا پت


Growth improvement
Health & freshness improvement
Reduced need for medications & antibiotics
Prevention of the effects of mental & environmental stresses
Reduction in the incidence of metabolic, infectious and digestive diseases

Depending on the physiological conditions and needs of the animal, the analysis of diet, breed, rearing conditions, season, time of consumption and its duration, environmental conditions, etc., the use of Bonzapet will result in at least one of the above results and the profitability of this product inducing health and vitality in the animal.


Bonzapet supplement is used as an additive in diets and can be mixed with feed/concentrate, or dissolved in water/milk according to animal’s body weight. You can consume Bonzapet once to three times a week for dog or cat


Body weight under 5kgBody weight of 5-20kgBody wight of 20-40kgBody weight above 40
0.25g (a half of a 0.5g sachet)0.5g (a 0.5g sachet)0.75g (one and a half of a 0.5g sachet)1g (2 of 0.5g sachet)


Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with Bonzapet supplement in diets.

Financial Justification

Due to the higher absorption rate and substantial impact of Bonzapet supplement, the consumption dose of this supplement is far less than that of other micronutrients-containing supplements on the market. As explained in the “Instruction”, the daily consumption dose is only 0.5g per 15kg of the body weight up to 3 times a week. Therefore, for example, a 100-g container of Bonzapet supplement is enough for a 15kg pet for at least 400 days.