Improving the Quality and Quantity of Agricultural, Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Products with Advanced Chelate Compounds Technology

صدور احرار شرق

About Sash Co

Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-Based Company (SASh Co.) was established in Tehran in 2003, aiming for advanced technology, by Mr. Mohammad Hassan Nazaran. In 2006, this company succeeded in attaining “Nanotechnology” and, as a result, endorsed its present position in this strategic field. In 2010, SASh Co. received the first and only nano-brand in the field of agriculture in the history of Iran from the Center for Progress and Development (CPDI) of the Iran Presidency. In 2010, Mr. Nazaran patented its unique technology to the Iran patent and trademark office, and in 2011, he was chosen as the Distinguished Technology Contributor of the Year in Iran by the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) for introducing the Khazra Nano Chelated Iron. In 2012, Mr. Nazaran, the inventor of “advanced Chelate Compounds technology”, patented his unique technology called “Chelate Compounds” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and in the same year, he filed this technology in the European Patent Office (EPO).
This invention, as a parent technology, can design and synthesize structures and nanostructures that, based on their synthesis and type, have wide applications in various industries such as livestock, poultry, aquaculture, petrochemicals, materials, polymers, plastics, agriculture, electronics, building, and different fields of medical sciences.
In 2012, SASh Co. became an official member of INSCX, the Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange located in the UK, for introducing Khazra Nano chelated fertilizers. Only a year later, in 2013, and following the news release of this advancement in technology on the FAO official site, SASh Co. was chosen as the Distinguished Iranian Company in Nanotechnology by the International Union of Inventions and Industrial Innovations (IUI), located in Switzerland. In 2016, following an official invitation from the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest and oldest scientific society, Mr. Nazaran became a member of the American Chemical Society. In 2016, in the field of chemistry, he was nominated as the winner of the first International Festival of Iran Inventions Grand Prize.
At present, SASh Co., in order to accomplish its strategic goals, has focused its attention on producing unique compounds and nano compounds relying on chelating and nanochelating advanced technologies, which have vital impacts on different aspects of human life.